05 February 2009


Here is a selection of some of the best images from Sydney Festival 2009. A big thank you to our wonderful Festival photographers Prue Upton and Trent O'Donnell for their tireless work capturing the Festival through their lenses - night and day, rain or shine.

Photo 1.
After the success of his debut album For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver enchants the audience with his soulful voice and atmospheric instrumentation at City Recital Hall Angel Place. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 2. The splendour of Clifton Gardens at sunrise matches the beautiful voices of the Philharmonia Choirs during Dawn Chorus. Image: Trent O'Donnell.

Photo 3.
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds delight the masses at All Tomorrow's Parties on Cockatoo Island. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 4. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds rock Cockatoo Island. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 5.
Quirky Parisian chanteuse Camille entertains with her high energy performance. Image: Trent O'Donnell. Photo 6. Hayley McElhinney, Pamela Rabe and Luke Mullins passionately take the stage in Sydney Theatre Company's The War of the Roses. Image: Tania Kelley

Photo 7.
Sydney enjoys a night under the stars at Samsung Mobile Festival Garden. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 8. Movers & Shakers kicks off Sydney Festival 2009 with a myriad of unique dances in Martin Place during Festival First Night. Image: Jamie Williams

Photo 9.
Martin Hayes leads the Masters of Tradition at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 10. Many dedicated fans queue outside the Tix for Next to Nix booth in Martin Place every morning during the Festival. Image: Trent O'Donnell.

Photo 11.
A performance by The Fondue Set as part of Movers & Shakers. Image: Jamie Williams. Photo 12. Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová perform their heartfelt songs in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 13.
Sporting the sculptural hats of Philip Treacey, Grace Jones blows the crowd away with her grand theatrics on Festival First Night. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 14. St. Vincent fills The Famous Spiegeltent with her swirling indie-pop sounds. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 15.
Fanfare Ciocărlia and the Gypsy Queens & Kings at the State Theatre gets the crowd up and dancing. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 16. The Gypsy Queens & Kings liven up the crowd on the Hyde Park Fountain Stage during Festival First Night. Image: Trent O'Donnell.

Photo 17.
The huge audience watching iiNet Films Afloat's screening of Run Lola Run with a live soundtrack by The Bays in Darling Harbour. Image: Trent O'Donnell. Photo 18. A scene from Budapest's Katona Jozsef Theatre's production of Ivanov. Image: Trent O'Donnell.

Photo 19.
Kristin Hersh performs Paradoxical Undressing in the intimate Bosco Theater. Image: Trent O'Donnell. Photo 20. A scene from Robert LePage's Lipsynch. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 21.
Marawa in La Clique thrills audiences at The Famous Spiegeltent. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 22. There was much fun to be had making elaborate tribal headdresses during Kids in the Garden. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 23.
Eska Mtungwazi sings for Matthew Herbert Big Band. Image: Trent O'Donnell. Photo 24. The crowd performs 'The Sydney' during Festival First Night. Image: Jamie Williams.

Photo 25.
The dancers from Christopher Wheeldon's Morphoses strike intricate poses during their performance of Commedia. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 26. Moscow Art Trio performing at The Famous Spiegeltent. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 27.
A scene from Nature Theater of Oklahoma's No Dice. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 28. A scene from the Australian premiere of Being Harold Pinter. Image: Trent O'Donnell.

Photo 29.
The crowd enjoys Aron Ottignon's performance on the piano at Harry's Café de Wheels as part of the Play Me, I'm Yours project. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 30. Reggie Watts outside the Bosco Theater, his "home" for the Festival. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 31.
The crowd relaxes with a drink in the Domain before The Gypsy Queens & Kings fire up at Festival Jazz. Image: Jamie Williams. Photo 32. The magical world of Patricia Wrightson's novel comes to life on stage in Erth's The Nargun and the Stars. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 33.
A Festival intern experiencing the strange sensory journey of The Smile Off Your Face. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 34. The Flying Fruit Flies Circus cast wows audiences in their performance of The Promise. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 35.
A view of the crowd in The Domain during Festival First Night. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 36. Risteárd Cooper & Rebecca O'Mara star in Brian Friel's The Yalta Game. Image: Trent O'Donnell.

Photo 37.
Edgar Allen Poe's haunting short story comes to life with Barrie Kosky's The Tell-Tale Heart. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 38. Dawn Chorus at Balmoral Beach. Image: Prudence Upton.

Photo 39.
Fresh from his Big Band performance at Sydney Opera House, Matthew Herbert mixes up a storm at The Famous Spiegeltent with a booty-shaking, genre-defying DJ set. Image: Prudence Upton. Photo 40. Wendy Houstoun incorporates dance and spoken word in her performance of Desert Island Dances. Image: Prudence Upton.

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Wow.. What a excellent series of Sydney Festival photos.. Thanks for this..